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In a few years it may well be common to send a link to your online CV. Its worth future proofing yourself now, rather than gambling on ending up with some godawful domain name because its the only one that includes your name.

  1. Simplicity: A custom domain such as is easier to remember than a generic, cobranded domain.
  2. Relevance: The sooner you stake your claim, the more likely it will be that your address matches your business profile.
  3. SEO: Having your own domain name will increase your websites positioning under search results on top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  4. Permanence: Keep your domain name for as long as your business is online. No one else can use your domain as long as you pay the host that set it up.
  5. Credibility: Prospective customers will more readily transact with businesses with a professional, established online presence – made possible with a personalized domain.
  6. Save time and money: when your recruiters want to reach out for you or when you need to contact someone. Also you can get a domain for a low cost, no worries. It is a smart move for your online future.
  7. Customized :domains will give you a truly online presence

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